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Mylight is a flexible LED strip that provides you with light where and when you need it. In many situations it can be a good replacement for a traditional lamp.

Our product has been used in all these scenarios with proven results:

•              In the bedroom, under the bed

•              Under a child's bed or a baby's cot

•              In the kitchen, over the cupboard

•              In the office, under the desk

There are endless ways in which mylight can illuminate your home, including adding a mylight LED strip to that obscure closet under your stairs or even your front door!

You can get more ideas of how to use your mylight on our blog which we will be growing over the next weeks.

First make sure you have followed all the instructions in manual and check that the power supplier is plugged into the socket.  

Secondly be sure that the room is dark enough. 

The mylight sensor is smart and reacts not only to motion but also to the level of light. This is why mylight will not turn on during the daytime, saving energy and increasing the LED lifetime.

Please check that all wires are connected correctly. 

The mylight sensor reacts not only to motion but also to the luminosity, it is possible that is not dark enough to turn on the lights. If the situation persists please contact our support team here.

There have to be 2 connections, cables from LED strips have to be connected to the motion sensor. The sensor must be connected to the cable with the power supplier. You can watch the instructional video on our product page, or download our closet light manual or our bed light manual.

You should open the sensor as demonstrated in the Figure 1 of the closet light manual or the bed light manual and try to decrease the sensor time to 30sec. Most probably the sensor time was set on maximum - 10min.

At both ends of the LED strips you will find tearing lines sign. You should start removing the protective material there.

Please wipe the area you want to install mylight with a moist cloth, dry the area and try to stick the LED strips on again.

You should try to find an edge, where mylight could fit, or install it at the very end of the bed. The light from mylight will be sufficiently strong to light up your bedroom floor for safety and a great design effect. For more inspiration on how mylight can illuminate your home, visit our blog which is being constantly improved.

If the wire between LEDs is too short, you should try to install LED strips closer to each other, if we are talking about the wire between LED strips and motion sensor, please choose another location for sensor, Figure 4 in the manual can help you.

If the power supplier cannot reach the socket, you have to place sensor closes as possible to socket, because the wire here is longest. What is more, you can use external prolongation for the power supply.

mylight has been designed to meet your needs for lighting, safety and design. You can easily cut the LED strips to the length you want where you find the scissors. As long as this is done with precision, your mylight will continue to illuminate your daily movements.

If you find that the light is too bright for your usage, you can move mylight to the middle of the bed or to a more covered place. Having mylight facing downwards will also help diminish glare.

You should thoroughly detach your mylight strips, trying not to damage the 3M adhesive tape. If you do damage the tape, we recommend that you purchase new 3M tape and again follow our instructions in your new installation.

For this reason e3light added special cable holders, which you can find inside mylight package. 10 cable holders are also with 3M adhesive tape, the protecting side has to be removed before hanging. Now, wires can be fitted in holders.

mylight can be purchased from mylight.me our web-shop and also in many brick and mortar shops. Contact us for more information.

We always do our best to make sure all our products are available.

In the unfortunate event that the product is not in stock and you bought it, we will be prompt to contact you and offer you a solution.

We want all our customers to receive high quality products. If the product you have received is damaged or you have received a product different to the one which you had ordered please contact us using the details and information which you received by email during your order. We will make sure that you receive the correct lighting product as soon as possible. 

If you have received a damaged product, please send an email to support@mylight.me including as many details of the damage as possible, a photograph of the damaged product and your order number. We will be as prompt as possible in resolving your issue.

If you haven’t received all the products you ordered, please contact us with the details and information you were provided by email during your order.