LED-light products designed to softly illuminate spaces with light and motion sensors.
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WindMade certified: mylight.me is 100% wind powered


WindMade Certification: 100% wind powered

Mylight.me ia a part of e3light group which is a WindMade certified company. While the most ambitious governmental strategies for greener future try to achieve a partial substitution of traditional energy sources with sustainable ones we at mylight.me have gone all the way and can now be proud that we as a part of e3light are a company operating 100% on wind power. This includes the production of all our products.

As a leading company in the lighting sector and the largest producer of lighting solutions in Northern Europe our e3light makes sure that the light bulbs ending in your home or office are produced in a completely sustainable way. This has made them a preferred partner for environment conscious and socially responsible companies from all around the world.


Sustainability achieved: LED lights

We at mylight.me follow the same guidelines and offer products which not only are developed and produced in a sustainable manner but are also incredibly environment friendly. The fact is that our intelligent LED light solutions are the way to lower energy and resource consumption due to high efficiency and durability.

We can see the importance of protecting the environment and invite everyone to help us create a more sustainable future for us all.


by mylight.me