LED-light products designed to softly illuminate spaces with light and motion sensors.
Mølbakvej 5, 8520 Lystrup
P.O. Box: 8520

Welcome to mylight.me world


This is our first entrance in the blog of the new mylight.me website.

The road has been long and uphill, but thanks to the support of you, our customer, we have been able to grow quite impressively over the last couple of years. Seeing how far we’ve come, it seems only fitting that we reminisce about the origins of the brand.

mylight.me is part of a larger company called e3light.

e3light Group is a Danish light source and lighting technology supplier, manufacturer and a developer. The company has started in 2001 and for over a decade operated through fully owned production facilities in China. e3light produces CFL, Halogen and LED bulbs in 3 different factories, which all are certified with ISO9001.  The e3light organization consists of around 800 employees across the world, what gives an insight to the company of the variety of factors that can affect different markets. At the headquarters in Denmark, the company conducts R&D, Sales and Logistical functions to support the production and sales offices located throughout the world.

Additionally, e3light is committed to social compliance and has joined BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative. Quality control is an important focus for e3light. The company has implemented standards and policies to ensure that the products are consistently at the highest levels of quality.