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US Ambassador Rufus Gifford honors e3light with a visit


Our parent company e3light is a big name in the lighting industry and the biggest producer of lighting solutions in Northern Europe. The company has developed partnerships with giants within the industry as General Motors and Cree.


US ambassador at e3light's headquarter

This was once again proved when the US ambassador honored e3light with a visit. The visit of the US ambassador Rufus Gifford at the headquarters in Denmark was a unique opportunity for e3light to present its innovative and sustainable solutions to the American market. The visit was also a recognition of all that has been achieved.


US reception in honor of e3light partnership

e3light can actually be extremely proud to be one of the very few companies being honored by a US ambassador more than once. In 2011 the US ambassador at the time, Fulton, hosted a reception to celebrate the newly established partnership between the American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors and e3light.

The new visit shows that the company is developing steadily in the right direction being driven by innovation, efficiency and sustainability. We at mylight.me are proud to be a part of e3light and share their values, management style and innovation drive and we are looking forward to establish even more international partnerships and relations.


by mylight.me