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Medina's Shining Secret


Medina: the Pop Queen

In Denmark when someone says Medina there are not many thinking about the sacred town. Medina is a name in the pop culture that everybody knows. She is called the Queen of pop and there are many reasons for that.

Even though she started her career not so long ago – she recorded her first album in 2007 and became a star in 2009 – her success is impressive. She has sold over half a million singles and nearly 200 000 albums. She is furthermore getting more and more popular internationally and she is now selling and performing in Europe, US, Canada, Mexico and even China. Her singles have reached the top of Danish, European and American pop charts.

Medina has signed contracts with Parlophone (representing Coldplay and Kylie Minogue among others) in the UK and Ultra Records in the US. She has also worked together with many of the most popular Danish singers – Thomas Helmig and Burhan G.

Medina is not only a very talented singer she is also a song writer and a style icon. She has received many awards and gold plates as well as style awards as recognition of her unique style.


Great Show and a Glowing Secret

Medina is known to deliver a great show every time and to wear the most daring and stylish scene outfits. She is a true artist and that is why it was no surprise when she appeared on stage in an illuminated outfit where jacket and body created an unforgettable light aura around the face and figure of the Danish pop queen.

While many might have wondered how the illumination effect was achieved the answer is very simple: both jacket and body were masterfully lit by LED strips integrated in the design. What people do not know is that the LED strips were provided by mylight.me – the same company now offering intelligent and environment friendly LED lighting kits.


Re-discover the Creative LEDs' Universe

So next time you look at mylight.me’s Bed light and Closet light do not let the names stop you from being creative and innovative. Remember the looks of the Danish pop queen Medina and get inspired to create something unique.

For mylight.me it is a great experience to have been a part of the creating of something so beautiful, stylish and unique. We are looking forward to continue innovating and creating uniqueness and we hope that our products can find their star place on the market - just as Medina has found her star place in the hearts of millions.


by mylight.me