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How to personalize your lighting


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to give your space some character. A unique design can create a special ambiance in a room. Whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, or office, there are a number of beautiful and creative lights available. The vast majority of designer lights use LEDs due to their efficiency, functionality and miniscule heat emissions. Innovation in lighting is taking off thanks in part to the versatility of LEDs.

From cute blobs of light to these elegant bulbs from Plumen, there's no shortage of lights to give your space a unique feel.

If DIY is more your style, there are literally thousands of lighting projects floating around the internet. Crafting is often the most budget-friendly option and the possibilities really are endless. One of the most foolproof projects is the twine-wrapped jar. A jar, a meter of twine, super glue and an LED tea light are all you need. Start by gluing one end of the string to the side of the jar, then wrap the string around the jar in various heights. Be sure to keep the twine taut and glue the end to keep it in place when you're done wrapping. Place the LED tea light in the jar and voila! Simple projects like this can enhance your interior design in just a few minutes.

LEDs are ideal for crafting because they last much longer and use less energy than CFLs and incandescents. They also pose less of a fire hazard because they emit little heat. More ideas can be found at sites like pinterest.com and craftgawker.com. 

Good lighting is like magic; an ugly room can be made beautiful with the right lighting. Now you know what to do next time your home needs a pick-me-up!