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Earth Day: Start Being Greener Today


The Earth Day 2014's theme is Green Cities and this is not random. Every year over a billion people in 190 countries around the globe celebrate The Earth Day by participating in various activities from environmental lobbying to cleaning their communities and planting trees.

However, with every year that passes we can witness that our Earth is struggling due to growing cities, increasing migration, pollution and exhaust of natural resources. Therefore the focus is changing now and we are looking at lasting solutions and sustainable technologies as our only way ahead.

Thus, low energy consumption, products that can last as long as possible and sustainable behavior are becoming more important than ever.

We at mylight.me are happy to be a part of that progressive movement towards a more sustainable future. Besides the fact that we only use environment friendly wind power in our factories, we are proud to offer consumers LED technology which is currently the most sustainable light source - when it comes to both energy use and life span.


We invite you to join the movement towards a greener future with mylight.me already this Earth Day!



by mylight.me